Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's fall y'all...and I'm still pregnant! haha  Addy was due on Thursday, but she seems to be quite content to stay in my belly a little longer.  Since Saturday was the official first day of fall and the fact that Adeline is suppose to be the size of a pumpkin right now, I thought it would be very fitting to take some fun pictures with a PUMPKIN!!

 Let's keep our fingers crossed that Addy will be a September baby!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Window Project for the Nursery

Turning trash into a little treasure!  Another one of my DIY projects for the nursery was to hang Adeline's name from this old window; however, it needed some love.
 First off, we broke the rest of the window panes out, so it would be consistent throughout.  Then, we brushed all the dust off with air and wiped it down with water, so it would be clean, dry and dull.  The base coat of the window was a good enough color for me, so I left it alone.
 Next step was brushing on a layer of crackle to the window so that the blistering magic could happen.  After I let that dry for 2 hours, it was time to put on the blue top coat.  A trick I love to use when painting is to put a rubber band around the can so you have a place to wipe excess paint off your brush.
And then...voila!  Now, I have a rustic chic blue window that is hanging in the nursery.

I cut her name out with scrapbook paper that coordinated with Addy's bedding.  I got into a couple fights with mod podge- it was TOTALLY not being my friend, but I think the project turned out in the end!  And yes, I realize that the window is upside down, but we had already attached the wire backing before we noticed- I prefer it better this way! haha
The window is hanging over her changing table.
Here is what her bedding looks like!  I love the soft but girly colors of the different fabrics!
Now, if only she would come to see her room! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Introducing Case!

We are only 5 days away from sweet Adeline's due date- when she will decide to come is a totally different story.  Robby and I finally put the car seat in the car- which might I add was a little confusing! haha  My hospital bag for the most part is packed and ready to we just need a baby!  I broke down yesterday and bought a shower curtain to put underneath our sheet, so if my water breaks it won't ruin our nice foam pillow topper....I feel like I'm 4 again and am wetting the bed.  That plastic is so noisy and traps in tons of heat...oh the sacrifices made to save the bed! haha
Lauren was not due till September 3rd, but Case decided to come 6 days early into the world.  Timing wise- it worked out GREAT because we were able to go down Labor Day weekend to meet our new nephew.  (I didn't tell my Dr. that I was traveling that weekend- oops! haha) Totally worth it though!  On our way down to Boerne, we stopped in Granger to see my grandparents and get some good family time in.  My Grandpa is an amazing man, and I'm so thankful for him!  They are looking forward to meeting their great grand daughter.
Case Spencer Wilson
Born 8/28/12 at 2:45pm
7lbs 11oz 20.5"
I am an AUNT!!!!
Case got to say "Hi" to Adeline.  I hope they will get to be the best of buds when they are little.  Lauren and Spencer are going to be great parents to that little man!
 On Saturday, the men went dove hunting.  Don't worry- they didn't take Case, just Granger the professional retrieving dog.  On Sunday, Spencer sweetly got his friend to take maternity pictures for Robby and I!  I haven't seen them yet, but I'm super excited to see how they turned out.

Robby and I are thrilled to be an Aunt and Uncle to this precious baby boy!
 Hopefully the next baby pictures to come will be of our new baby GIRL!
Here is a belly picture from last week!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August is flying by...

I can't believe it is already the end of August!  Where is all this time going?!  Adeline is going to be here in less than 4 weeks and my to-do list is still a mile long.  Robby and I did put the car seat in the car today, so I consider that pretty productive!

The weekend of the 11th we went down to Boerne to see my sister and brother-in-law one last time before their baby comes.  On the way we stopped in Liberty Hill to see Robby's grandparents.  It was great to visit with them and show off my belly!
We had a great time with the Wilson's!  Friday night we went out to an Italian restaurant and had a relaxing evening.  Saturday, my sister and I went and got a deluxe pedicure which was glorious!!  Lauren bought us matching nail polish- "cute as a button" so that our toes could match while we are in labor.  I can NOT wait to be an Aunt to baby Wilson.  It will be so fun that the two cousins will always have a play mate.
Saturday night, Robby and I left for Austin to attend a sorority sister's wedding.  It was really sad saying good-bye to my sissy.  I am so sad I will miss her birth because I'm not suppose to travel that far at the end of my pregnancy.
Robby is going to be such a great Dad!

Lindsay and Shaun's wedding was beautiful!  It was wonderful to catch up with a bunch of my fabulous Tri-Delt friends from college.  That night we drove to Dripping Springs to spend the night and hang out with Robby's family.
The next week, I was in Dallas all week for training for my work, and I went to see one of my dear friends who is actually due with her baby two days before I am!  Babies are starting to pop up everywhere.  Rachel was also in Dallas babysititng, so Thursday evening we had a fun dinner date!  She is going to be such a great Aunt, and I am blessed to have such a wonderful sister-in-law.
Ali is due the 18th and I am due the 20th!
 Friday afternoon, I got to stop by another one of my friend's home and catch up on life- thanks for the encouragement Meagan!  Friday evening, I had a date night to Olive Garden with a bestie (Cara) and enjoyed many laughs!  Robby drove into the metroplex Friday night to celebrate my birthday weekend!  Saturday, we went to a parenting class at Watermark which was awesome!  We talked about the importance of keeping Christ first, your spouse second, and your new baby third- which is apparently super hard to do.  The class equipped us with lots of scripture and practical advice.  Sunday, Robby and I drove up to Denton to see Rachel one last time before the baby comes.  Rachel sewed Adeline an adorable blanket and got her a little Mexican dress from her trip to Cozumel. 
Sunday night, we went out for my birthday to Tim Love's restaurant, the Woodshed in Fort Worth.  It was super tasty!  We had a very fun evening with my mom and Gary.
The band sang 'Happy Birthday' to me!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My sister's baby shower

Last weekend, July 28th, I went down to Boerne, TX for my sister's baby shower.  It was marvelous to see her and compare our growing bellies!  I feel like I am carrying super high compared to Lauren- she also has a longer torso though, so I guess that baby has more room to stretch out.
My mom, sister, and I (top left), My Aunt Martha, Uncle Ron, sister, brother-in-law, me, step-dad, and mom (bottom left)
The baby shower was super cute and had a golf theme.  All the food had play on words...peanut "putter" cookies, "club" sandwiches, fruit "par"faits, etc- adorable!
My cousin Sara and Aunt Marita also came to the shower- it was fabulous to catch up with family!
 Lauren and Spencer had tons of friends and family showering them with gifts!  It was a wonderful party.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


July 20-23rd, Robby and I decided to take a little "Babymoon" to Hot Springs, AR to have one last trip together before our world totally changes.  We were able to soak up tons of quality time together which was much needed.  It was a perfect and relaxing trip with lots of tasty eating!
This was our first time to stay in a bed and breakfast, but we still sorta cheated.  We stayed in a cottage that was across the street from the B&B so that we didn't have 'neighbors'.  I think we both decided we are not huge B&B people- maybe as we get older we'll change our minds? haha  Our suite was Moroccan themed and was perfect!  There were rose petals on the bed and around the room- such a romantic touch!  It also had a kitchenette with a fridge that was stocked with drinks, etc and they made us cookies- yum!
 On Saturday, we had lunch at this great cafe and for dessert had this AMAZING caramel mocha cheesecake- so stinkin delicious.  My mouth is watering as I am thinking about it again!  We then headed downtown to go to Bath House Row.  So, little history lesson for y'all- back in the 1800's settlers discovered all these 'hot springs' and the city became the go to place to get "healed" of different sickness and diseases.  They were even injecting people with mercury- oh how much the medical world has evolved!  They turned one of the bath houses into a museum so people can see what it looked like back in the day.  And yes,  there is my husband who jumped into one of the bath tubs- haha!!!  After getting a little education, we went shopping around downtown and also found our tacky picture frame.  (Every trip we take, we find one of those tacky touristy picture frames- we love them! It makes me laugh every time I walk by our collection)
There is a park where you can feel the "hot springs" water and oh-my was it hot!!!  After it finished burning off the first layer of skin, my hands felt nice and smooth from all the minerals.
For dinner, we went to Rolando's which is this Cuban/Mexican restaurant.  For an appetizer, we got the flaming queso; however, in the picture you really can not tell at all that it is on fire- fail!  We sat outside on the patio and listened to a guy play music.  It was a little on the warm side, but an enjoyable evening regardless.  The back of the restaurant is surrounded by natural rock from a cliff so it was very relaxing.
After dinner, we found this Bathhouse Soapery.  It was fun to smell all the different flavors.  They had a men's soap that smelled like dirt...very strange?  We ended up making our own bath salt flavor to enjoy while on our trip.  We left the shop and then headed up the side of the hill to overlook the city and watch the sunset; however, we were on the wrong side of the hill and couldn't see the sun at all- haha! Oh well- we tried.  (And by headed up- I mean we hiking for this pregnant lady!)

We took full advantage of Sunday and had it be our day of rest and relaxation.  We slept in- which was glorious!  Then we made breakfast in our little kitchen, had our quiet times and Robby tried to study a little for his GRE.  We enjoyed a peaceful/romantic bath with rose pedals and then headed to lunch for a tasty salad and panini at this cute little coffee shop/cafe.
After lunch, Robby and I got a couples massage.  It felt great- a little awkward because of my expanding belly, but it was still a massage!  We picked up 2 red box movies, a snickers ice cream bar for me, and a fruit bar for Robby on our way back to the B&B to continue on the relaxing day. 
We went out to dinner at this nice Italian place on the lake.  Oh how I love me some chicken fettuccine alfredo!  We were so full after dinner, but I still wanted something sweet so we stopped by Sonic and got milkshakes!  I pretty much just ate the whole weekend.
Here is my belly at 31 Weeks!

Monday, we had a three course breakfast in the main house.  A berry cheesecake muffin with fruit started us out, then Sausage Havarti Eggs with homemade biscuits, and chocolate covered strawberries to finish us off.  The juice concoction the owner made to drink was very tasty!
The house took six years to be built and was started in 1873, so there was a lot of history there.  I personally liked it because the house was pink!
 After we rested a little after breakfast, we packed up our bags and drove to the top of Hot Springs to look out over the city and enjoy some nature.  I can barely bend down with out being out of breath so there was NO hiking involved- haha!
Here is Robby imitating the statue behind him- we enjoy the small laughs of life! haha Before we left they have a place in town where you can fill up jugs of the "Hot Springs" water full of all its good minerals.  It comes out burning hot though!  We finished up our trip with some great quality time talking in the car on the way back home.  I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband who adores me!  He is going to be one fantastic Dad.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Showered with Love

On July 12th, Robby and I got to see baby Adeline during a sonogram appointment.  It was so crazy to see her little working heart fluttering on the screen and to see her tiny hands move about inside me.  She was laying on her back with her feet above her head almost the whole time- pretty uncomfortable position if you ask me! haha  
I feel like I am starting to get nervous about being a mom- am I going to know what to do when she gets a fever?, will I be able to swaddle her correctly?, will I be able to show her Christ's love?, etc-  I then have to stop myself and realize I am already a fallen parent and the only way to be a successful mom is to bask in God's grace and rely on His strength.  I know I can not do it on my own matter now many books I read or how prepared/unprepared I feel...
Not that you can really tell from a sono picture, but I think she is going to be stuck with my pointy chin! haha Robby and I wonder about what features from each of us she is going to have...? blonde vs brown hair?  It looks like she has a set of lips on her- which are definitely from her Daddy because mine don't really exist =)  We can't wait to snuggle her up!

 This past Saturday (July 14th), I was showered with love for baby Adeline! 
Two of my dear friends hosted my baby shower (as well as two others who couldn't make it but were very missed!)  I can't express enough how much it meant to me for them to throw this party!  I felt very loved and blessed by the day.  It was such a sweet time to catch up with cherished friends and family.
Katie and Lauren did such a cute job with the whole set up!  Yummy food, beautiful flowers, and adorable decor filled the house.
Everyone signed "Pinkalicious" to Adeline as the guest book which was so thoughtful! There was a table where people could write a blessing, Bible verse or word of encouragement for Addy and attached it to that ribbon ring- loved it!!
Me and my momma!
My sweet sis-in-law and mother-in-law

Robby and I are so SUPER blessed by all the gifts we received from friends and family for Addy.  She will be one happy and loved baby!
Some sweet friends who drove from all over to be at the shower!
My Aunt Marita and Grandmother

Some of the "younger" crowd minus a couple of friends who left before we took this..
After the shower ended, everyone prayed over Robby, Adeline, and me.  It was such an encouraging time, and I felt very loved!
63 days to go...!
I finally finished the dresser and put in fun green shelf paper! Now I just need to wash all her clothes and start filling it up.  If she is anything like her mamma, I'm assuming we will have many wardrobe changes through out the day for being messy- haha!